Q: What does an intern do?

A: This internship is a full-time responsibility. Most interns are assigned to a standing committee in either the House or Senate; a few may be assigned to legislative staff offices.

Responsibilities include handling research bills or issues before the General Assembly, working with a legislative committee, monitoring the progress of legislation, and other duties as assigned by the committee. Above all, interns have the valuable opportunity to witness the lawmaking process firsthand.

Q: How many interns are chosen?

A: Approximately 30 students are selected each year from Georgia's public and private colleges and universities.

Q: How are interns selected?

A: Individual institutions handle the initial application process, but interviews are conducted and final selections are made by the Georgia Legislative Internship Program administrators.

Q: How much will I get paid?

A: The General Assembly determines the amount of the stipend paid to interns. Stipends over the past two years have been approximately $300 per week.

Q: How long is the internship?

A: The internship period corresponds to the annual session of the General Assembly. The session begins the second Monday in January and, with the usual budget recesses, concludes in April. During the week prior to convening of the legislature, an orientation for interns is held at the Capitol. Expect to work 12 to 16 weeks.

Q: Why do I have to enroll in courses to participate in the internship?

A: The internship program rules established by the General Assembly dictate that participating students must complete the internship courses in order to receive academic credit as well as a stipend. You will need to enroll in these internship courses facilitated by the Office of Institute Relations and pay any associated tuition and fees (if not covered by HOPE). There will not be regular class meetings for these courses.

Q: I need to maintain full-time student status to be covered by insurance or to maintain loans, but the internship only offers 9 hours of credit. What should I do?

A: You can maintain full-time status by registering your internship with the Georgia Tech Career Center to secure audit hours for your term as an intern.

Q: Can I listen to previous information sessions?

A: Yes, previous info sessions can be found here: