Q. What are the qualifications to be considered for the Federal Jackets Fellowship?

A. To qualify, a Tech student must:

  • Be in good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Have taken one of the following: HIST 2111, 2112, POL 1101, INTA 1200, PUBP 3000, or its equivalent (Graduate students are exempt from this requirement)
  • Be returning for classes for the semester following the internship

You must also register your internship with the Georgia Tech Career Center to receive audit credit.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: International students are eligible to apply for the Federal Jackets Fellowship; however, some federal offices only accept internship applications from citizens of the United States. 

Q. What are the steps in the application process?

A. First, ensure that two references, from either an employer or instructor, are mailed or e-mailed to Federal Relations (GTinDC@gatech.edu) by the deadline. You are also required to submit the following by the deadline: your completed application, resume, and transcript (unofficial/electronic copy is fine).

Q. Out of the number of applications received, how many are accepted?

A. It depends on the semester, but typically two to five students are accepted into the Federal Jackets Fellowship.

Q. Who chooses which students will be selected to participate in a D.C. internship?

A. Representatives from the Office of Institute Relations select finalists.

Q. What criteria are used for selecting finalists?

A. Interns are selected based on leadership potential, academic study, work experience, extracurricular activities, interests, and maturity.

Q. What agency will I intern for once I've been accepted into the program?

A. Students are required to find and select their own federal employer in Washington, D.C.

To find an internship, we suggest getting in touch with as many government experts in your field of interest as possible, and ask for possible D.C. contacts. Also, daily online searches for internship postings may also be helpful. 

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Some internships require a security clearance. If the student elects to accept such an internship, receipt of their stipend is then dependent on being granted the security clearance by the federal government in time to fulfill the minimum requirements of the internship.

Q. What are some of the previous governmental entities that former participants of the program have worked with?

A. Members of both houses of Congress, congressional committees, NASA, the National Science Foundation, Department of the Interior, Department of Commerce, Administrative Office of the Courts, White House Office of Science and Technology, Department of Health and Human Services, White House Council for Community Solutions, Department of Justice, National Science Foundation, Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Office of Government Relations at the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Q. How will the Office of Institute Relations assist me during my D.C. internship search?

A. This office will conduct information sessions and orientations to remind you of due dates, provide databases in which to search for internships, and respond to your questions and concerns during the entire process.

Q. How long does it take to get placed into an internship?

A. The simple answer is it depends on the agency you apply to. You research and apply for your own internship, so you'll need to be prompt and attentive during the process. 

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Some federal offices only accept internship applications from citizens of the United States, so it may take longer for international students to find and secure an internship. 

Q. Once I have been accepted into the Federal Jackets Fellowship and have found an internship, how can I find housing in Washington, D.C.?

A. The Office of Institute Relations will provide you with a housing resource sheet, and you may contact past interns for assistance and suggestions.

Q. Will I be paid for my internship work?

A. Most D.C. internship positions are officially unpaid, but you will receive a stipend from the Federal Jackets Fellowship.

Q. When are the stipend payout days?

A. Please visit the following website for next semester's payout days: https://finaid.gatech.edu/award-process/receive-aid/stipend-dates

Q. What benefits do Federal Jackets Fellows enjoy from the Georgia Tech network in Washington during their internship, and afterward?

A. During the Federal Jackets Fellowship, students will gain professional work experience, acquire useful networking skills, build valuable contact connections, and discover and hone the skills and talents that will be beneficial in later full-time employment.

In addition, Georgia Tech has a vibrant alumni network in the D.C. area that regularly hosts meet-up events. Connect with the network.

Q. Can I listen to previous information sessions?

A. Yes, previous info sessions can be found here:

FJF - https://vimeo.com/864403384