Legislators and student leaders attend the 2022 briefing

Legislators and student leaders attend the 2022 briefing

State Legislative Priorities

Each year in January, we host a Legislative Briefing for Georgia Tech supporters to announce Georgia Tech’s state legislative priorities for the year.

We advocate for:
  • State funding that supports GT Capital projects across campus
  • "B" budget line items that support the work of GTRI and EI2
  • University System-wide priorities and funding 
We track legislation relevant to the university system, and advocate for policies that allow the Institute to carry out its strategic goals.

Ongoing Support for B-Budget Items

The University System of Georgia has an “A” and a “B” budget.

  • The “A” budget supports academic programs across the 26 member institutions.
  • The “B” budget supports non-academic economic development programs. Examples of such programs are:

Georgia Tech's Impact

Find out about Georgia Tech’s impact around the state and in your community.