The first workshop to explore the Materials collaboration component of the Sandia National Labs-Georgia Tech Academic Alliance will be hosted by Georgia Tech, December 9-10. The event is supported by the Institute for Materials. 

Three initial areas of value-added collaboration in Materials were identified by Sandia management in an early 2015 visit to GT:

  • Materials by Design (data sciences, informatics high throughput, optimization)
  • Multiscale Materials Science (interface with data, upscaling, uncertainty, V&V)
  • Materials in Extreme/Abnormal Environments (irradiation, corrosion, high rates and deformation

The December workshop will focus on Materials Data Science and Multiscale Materials Science. The second meeting will take place at Sandia, focusing on Materials in Extreme (and/or Abnormal environment) as well as Multiscale Materials Science (part II).  This workshop will occur in February or March 2016. We invite GT faculty with collaborative interests in these areas to attend.

The purpose of these workshops is to ensure both sides are aware of the existing collaborations, as well as to identify opportunities to forge new ones.  The future workforce and pipeline of students to Sandia is of core strategic importance to the Alliance.

The agenda includes overview presentations followed by GT faculty showcases (15 min each, 4 in each area). It also includes a poster session for graduate students working in these areas.   Those who do not participate in the showcase presentation can include a poster presentation on their work.  A subsequent invitation will be sent in the coming weeks for graduate students to present posters and attend the December 9 poster session.